Eagle Elite Book 6: Elude by Rachel Van Dyken

Eagle Elite Book 6: Elude by Rachel Van Dyken
341 pages
5 moons

I am one of the damned, the person that has no soul, no laughter no reason to live. I have seen my share of killings for most of them came from my own gun. I used to be with the FBI until everything changed. Now I am adding one more thing to the list of regrets I have done in the past. It wasn`t supposed to be like this my feelings towards her. She is the enemy and like me I am her enemy yet in some ways we click. I was not supposed to fall for her but something about her smile, laughter and warm heart is getting to me. She is the first woman that has gotten under my skin and knowing the thing I have to do soon is breaking me. I swore not to love again and yet I am loving the enemy and deserve to be killed. Can I go on when the time is near and be the man she believes Iam?

Once again Rachel Van Dyken has proven that her Eagle Elite series still rocks with each book. I loved that we have Sergio, a man who has killed with no mercy get struck with a woman who is so like him in every way. Rachel Van Dyken totally packed this book with so much emotion and heartache I was rooting for Sergio in the end for his happiness. This is just Part 6 in a series that is coming dear to me cannot wait to see how Sergio will continue and the who family. Loved it.


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