Forever and Alwasy Box Set 1 to 3 by E.L. Todd

Forever and Always Box Set 1 to 3
650 pages
5 moons

Only For You:
I am his best friend, the only one who is always there for him when he needs a shoulder to cry on. Knowing that the woman he has been with and is about to marry is dumping him breaks me. Sean has always been there for me and knowing that his whole life is going to be shattered I know I have to put my love aside. Penelope is his everything but a small part of me wishes I mean something to him as more than a friend. I have learned how to hide my real feelings been a pro at it for the last 10 years but this breakup will test me in a big way. Can I be there as a friend even when I finally get to know the real Sean intimately? Can I just go back to being Scarlet the best friend?

She is my best friend and yet I used her. Scarlet is the only one who has really been by my side and knows the real me. She doesn`t see the money I grew up with like Penelope just the real me which sometimes scares me. I knew once I tasted her lips and felt the real Scarlet it will break me more than getting dumped by Penelope. Knowing that I sent her away because I am an asshole is too much for me. I cannot go on without my Scarlet but my heart still wants the girl that betrayed me. Can I prove to Scarlet she is more than a friend for me and what we shared is not just a one night thing?

Forever and Always:
Family is important to me and when Sean broke me it was my brother, Ryan who was there for me. I come from a messed up family with a mom that didn`t care shit for me instead treated me like an idiot. Ryan has always been there for me and when I moved to New York I lost touch. I know when I left Sean my heart will never be the same but knowing that he is still into Penelope is heartwrenching. I gave him not only my body but my heart and soul only to be treated like a one night stand and forgotten. No matter how hard I try to move on Sean is and always will be in my heart. I wanted to matter to him yet he chose his past instead of the future. He says he doesn`t love Penelope but can I risk my heart again to him. Can I trust him with my heart or be left behind again?

I know I fucked up when I told my Scarlet to give me a chance and I still had Penelope. My heart and soul knows Scarlet is the one for me but when Penelope comes to me with news I know I can`t just toss her away. Scarlet is all I want, crave and need but family has always been important to me. I have had so many chances with Scarlet and know somehow I have lost her trust as well. Seeing her again not only brought me back to life but made me realize I cannot live without her. She carries my heart, life and soul in the palm of her hands I just hope she can give me a chance.

Edge of Love:
I did something stupid I accepted his marriage proposal but lied to him about my best friend, Cortland. I told Sean honesty is the key to our relationship and still I lied to him. I have never been so happy until we went to his parents house and felt dirty and embarrassed. I know to some people our engagement might seem like a rebound considering how long he was with Penelope but I still want him. Being with Sean brings out a side of me I have never known. I feel desired, wanted and loved in a way being with him sometimes scares me. I know to his mother I am not the perfect woman but I really thought this would be it for us. Yet once again we hit a bump in the road and I am not sure if he will take me back. I know I fucked up by not telling him everything that happened while we were apart but he also made mistakes as well. 

She lied to me and doesn`t matter that when it happened we were not together but she did it and would have kept it to herself is what tears me apart. I always thought we could always tell each other things honestly but I was wrong. I know I betrayed her as well but I never slept with Penelope ever again. I still love her and still want to marry her even though this is between us. I know many times I threw her love and trust back to her but this time I want forever and always. Can I be there for her when in the back of my head is that niggling thought of what if it happens again her lying and not trusting me with the truth? My friends might call me a pussy for putting my heart all out but Scarlet is THE ONE for me and no one else. She is the woman I see, wake up to and dream about. She is the mother of my future children and know I will always belong to her.

Scarlet and Sean two people who just drove me crazy in this book yet in the end loved them. E.L. Todd has once again made me a believer that no matter how tough a relationship is you have to keep faith that all will be okay. Sean is a man who thought he had it all, a good job, best friend and a good woman until it all blows up in his face. Now Scarlet have to say she is one great friend but even through friendship the heart still gets in the way. The chemistry they have is in so many ways psychotic and soul wrenching. I loved how easy it is for them to be with each other and yet in a snap they combust. You might say their relationship is hot and volatile but this is what makes their love memorable. It is not the many times of forgiveness or mistakes they make but how their hearts cannot live without one another they are connected in a way that E.L. Todd just makes them beautiful. I have to say E.L. Todd has a way that gets her readers into the book not by sex, though it was hot in this book but by her characters leaving a mark in your heart. Makes you wonder how does she create these characters so memorable making you a part of their lives so easily. Loved it and cannot wait to see what else will happen with Sean and Scarlet.


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