Rock Steady by Dawn Ryder

Rock Steady by Dawn Ryder
322 pages
4 moons

Women are a dime a dozen and can have anyone I want with a snap of a finger. Which to some men might seem great but lately it is becoming boring to me. If my band mates knew how I really felt lately they would call me a pussy. The thing is everything is happening so fast and great for my band, Toxsin but feel something is missing. I was almost done until I met Jewel. Here is a woman who somehow has gotten under my skin quicker than I can strum a key on my guitar. Jewel is unlike any woman I have known and in a way this intrigues me to the point where I must have her by my side all the time. Can I keep her with me knowing that someone wants her for her talent?

I was never into music for art is my hobby and being a tattoo artist this is the only way where I can express myself. I knew as soon as I did the tattoo for Ramsey everything will change. I feel in some ways like Alice in the Wonderland when I am with Ramsey. He is so into his music he doesn`t know how powerful he is when he plays or how easily it is for me to see the real Ramsey that others don`t see. When I am with him he is the cocky, arrogant yet protective and sexy beast that is making me want to jump him. I am not like other women he has had before and this scares me because I want to be with the real Ramsey not the guiatarist from the band Toxsin. Can I be the woman he needs in his life or just be another groupie to him?

Dawn Ryder has done it again in the next part in the series that is much more than a band. I have to say at first Ramsey did seem too cocky for me but then we see more of him the way Jewel sees him. I loved how Dawn Ryder was able to show us two different sides of Ramsey to the point where in a way I loved both sides of him. Dawn Ryder shows us there are always two sides of a person, the one we have to hide behind to protect our hearts and the side that shows us we can learn to love deeply. Jewel is one lucky woman and have to say strong for taking such a bad boy like Ramsey into her heart. Loved it.

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