The Billionaire Bad Boys Book 1: Billionaire Bachelor by Jessica Lemmon

Billionaire Bad Boys Book 1: The Billionaire Bachelor by Jessica Lemmon
June 28, 2016
5 moons

I have worked hard all my life to be where I am at right now. I deserve the company my father started and now the board of directors want to hand it over to a stranger. They don`t believe in me for all they see is a manwhore. They don`t see the blood and sweat I have worked to keep this company. It has been 4 years since I fell for a woman and swore I will never be the love sick man I used to be. Sure I have bedded many women but none of them have talked back to me like Merina Van Heusen. I know why she is mad at me for I have taken something she has always loved. This little petitie, beautiful and sexy woman has no idea what she is doing but somehow I cannot stay away from her. Since my last break up she is getting me to feel and this is not good. It wasn`t supposed to be like this me thinking of her, feeling for her in my bed and most of all wanting to be with her in every way. It was supposed to be just a show for the board of directors not for the angel to tempt me back into the world of love.

He is a common whore bedding any woman that opens their legs for him and I vowed not be one of them. Yet once he kisses me I am thinking how would it really feel if he really opened up to me. Reese Crane is definitely not the man I envisioned myself with yet I cannot stay away from him. He is everything that wreaks ruthless, demanding and passion three things I should stay away from right now. My family hotel business is my life and definitely have no time for a devil like him no matter how much my body and heart wants him. The Van Heusen Hotel is not just any hotel but it is part of the city that has been there forever and now Crane wants to take it all away. Can I make a deal with the devil and stll keep my heart and soul? Is it too much to ask for the kind of love my parents have or is it all just a fairy tales?

One thing about Jessica Lemmon is that when she starts a new series there is no room for disappointment and this book shows it. I loved that she created a man like Reese Crane one who is known to be ruthless, no mercy and most of all no heart come down his pedestal in the hotel business. Merina is the woman he needs and love that she is not like his other women who succumb to his every needs. She is a fighter and will not cower away but fight for what she believes in. This is the first in Jessica Lemmon`s new series The Billionaire Bad Boys and cannot wait to see what else in store for the Crane family. Keep your eyes open for this is a series you don`t want to miss for their is of course money, family, passion and yet oh so sexy bachelors that well will make you swoon with their sexiness.

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