Timeless Series Book 5: Friday by E.L. Todd

Timeless Series Book 5: Friday by E.L. Todd
236 pages
5 moons

I fucked up. Frankie, Hawke even Marie the woman of my heart knows I fucked up. I have never said those three words to any woman and now that she said it I ran. I don`t deserve her after what I did to her. Yet no matter how hard I try I cannot stay away from my Marie. It was great while it lasted and ever since hearing her say she loves me I have been a mess. Hawke knew right away my feelings towards her but even though she is the only one I want I am scared. Marie doesn`t understand my fears for all she has known is love and beauty something I haven`t known for a really long time. I know it is wrong but I cannot just walk away I need her in my life but cannot go that extra mile. With all the times I have screwed up I don`t deserve her but a life without Marie is not a life I want to be in anymore. Knowing she will be moving away from me this is my chance to prove to her the man she needs and believes me to be is there still loving her.

Frankie told me Axel will screw me over but never thought of the pain it would inflict on me. I thought what we had was pure bliss and magic but then I said I love You. I knew right as soon as I said it everything will change. Axel was and is the only man in my life but know he is scared. Many times I put my heart on the line and am tired of getting bruised and beaten. I need someone to be there for me and not run when there is a bump and thought Axel would be the one. He says he doesn`t love me but why would he still come around or help me get my dream job. The man is frustrating,  bossy and yet I still want him more than ever. Can I give him another chance to be the man I know he can be for me?

There are times when I wish the weekend didn`t come soon and this is one of those times. Axel and Marie have captured me like Hawke and Frankie with their up and downs towards love. I have to say Marie is one strong woman for going through this with Axel. The times they are together are hotter than ever but like any man Axel is scared. The love Marie has for him is beautiful and applaud E.L. Todd for showing us that no matter how scared you are there is a woman there to help you conquer anything. Cannot wait to see what else E.L. Todd has in Book 6 dreading when this series ends so beautiful.


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