Timeless Series Book 6: Saturday by E.L. Todd

Timeless Series Book 6: Saturday by E.L. Todd
209 pages
4 1/2 moons

I always thought Francesa would be the one for me. No matter how hard I tried she always belonged to Hawke and I was really happy. I tried to go out with other women but none gave me that feeling I had with Frankie until she came through the doors. Something about Rose makes me believe again that there is hope for me. I know love exists for Frankie has it with Hawke and in a way I feel Rose is the one for me but she is hesitant. Even with Frankie I never had to work so hard but being cautious with Rose is the key to have her in my life forever even if it means restaining my passion for her. Each time I look at Rose my heart beats faster and the soul in me yearns for her every second and minute. This is the kind of love I have searched forever and in some ways it scares me with the thought that Rose might just be the one to ruin me forever.

I don`t deserve a man like Kyle. He is everything I would have gone for if I wasn`t afraid. Once upon a time I was carefree, vibrant and fearless until one night changed everything. Since then I have well become somewhat of a hermit to my friends. Nothing can make me forget about what happened but Kyle is not just any man. He is a friend who is patient, nice, handsome and making me feel like a woman for the first time since it happened. I know I am stupid to be treating him like this as a friend when everything in me screams to make him mine in every way. I am broken and he will never understand yet I cannot turn him away. Can I be the woman he has searched forever or will he turn away once he knows my real secret and fears?

I always wondered what happened to Kyle when Frankie dropped him and have to say this one was so beautiful in a very touching way. Kyle was like the underdog with Frankie yet he still believes in love. E.L.Todd did such a great job in showing us how Kyle has come through after Frankie. I loved that even though he didn`t get his woman Kyle has matured in a way he used to be that really surprised me. I loved that Rose is a woman who has known heartache and pain yet when it comes to Kyle we see the woman she used to be. The chemistry between her and Kyle was hot yet sweet as hell the way how patient Kyle is towards her. E.L. Todd just blew me away with Kyle and cannot wait to see how this ends between them making me anxious to see what will Rose do next.


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