Wednesday by Kendall Ryan

Wednesday by Kendall Ryan
4 moons

I don`t deserve her but she is the only one who is getting me to live again. It started of as a way to release stress, tiredness and well lonesome but is becoming so much more. Wednesdays are our thing the only day in the week where it is just us and no one else. The day I look forward to for the past 6 months and now she is changing things. I have no idea what I am going to do but I cannot lose another woman I care for in my life. She is everything I would have gone for if I didn`t fall for my wife. Can I get her to change her mind that we belong together ever since we were kids?

He is like a drug to me. I cannot stay away from even when he treats me like a common whore. I used to be one of those girls that bowed down to no man yet with him I cannot say no. We been friends for years and when he married I thought it was over. Now being with him and know how his kisses are I am trapped again. He is more than a drug to me now he is an addiction that will always be with me. Can I be the woman he needs when in my heart I want more than to be just a plaything for him?

Two people who are searching to be alive again is about to see that sex is not easy. Sure it seemed great between them but when the heart gets in the way it is more than that now. I loved how Kendall Ryan shows us that even friends can get more than just relief between them when they finally let go and really feel. The sex between them is hotter than ever each time they come together to the point where I was like ooh baby. This is a short story but then again when it comes to Kendall Ryan it is more than that it is two people coming together for a chance at real love. Loved it.


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