1001 Dark Nights: Easy for Keeps by Kristen Proby

1001 Dark Nights: Easy for Keeps by Kristen Proby
114 pages
4 1/2 moons

Working in the bar, Odyssey has been like a playground of women for me. Every night there is a different menu option of women I can get laid with and none are disappointing.Well that was until I met Sarah Cox. Something about her and her little girl is pulling me. I`m like any other man always with a different woman yet I keep coming back to her. Being with her is making me yearn for a family and a good woman to come home to every night. The thing is my Sarah is not a weak damsel in distress and the job she has scares me making me want her with me forever. Can I convince her that my love for her is real not just a fling?

I knew when I met Adam Spencer he was going to be trouble for me. I expected the bad kind considering he works in a bar but didn`t expect the passionate scintillating sexy trouble.  It has been years since I felt a real mans touch and kisses wondering if my feelings for him is more than just sex or maybe love. The chemistry between us is nothing I have ever felt for and yet I cannot stay away from him. It is not just me though in this relationship for my little Hailey has already fallen for him just like me. Can I be the woman that can tame Adam Spencer?

Once again Kristen Proby delivers in a way that will make you go aah.  I loved that Sarah is a fighter and knowing the job she works in is also like a Florence Nightingale protecting others as best as she can. Adam is one hot guy and have to say poor Sarah had no chance at all with him. The chemistry between them is the kind that when it happens you do everything you can to keep it forever. Kristen Proby shows us once again that it is not the length of the story but the characters and passion between them that make it a great book like these two.


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