Timeless Series Book 7: Sunday by E.L. Todd

Timeless Series Book 7: Sunday by E.L Todd
179 pages
5 moons

You would think after getting dumped by Frankie I would learn to stay away from love. Yet I am a sucker when it comes to it especially when I know the woman loves me as much as I do. Rose is my everything and not telling her I know her secret just caused me a life with her. I thought my love for her would be strong enough for us but I was wrong. Seeing the heartache and pain in her eyes directed to me is too much. My body says to go after her but my heart is patient for her knowing I screwed up with her I will wait. The thing is that I want my Rose back and this Rose is full of fear and doubting my love is scary. Is it possible to get the kind of soul wrenching love like Hawke and Frankie? Will I ever be able to feel alive again without my Rose?

He knew and still never told me he knew what happened to me. How can I still love him when now all I see is disgust and pity on his face? I thought he would be the one for he changed me in ways I never knew was possible.He says he loves me and still wants to be with me but is it an act. Kyle was and is my everything but knowing that he knows what happened to me years ago frightens me. How can I be the woman he needs me to be when everything inside me is afraid of really letting go to love again? I have never felt so alone like I have felt since I pushed him away and wonder if love really exists for me.

**Sniffle** This last one in E.L. Todd`s Timeless Series crushed me in every way with Rose. I so did not want this series to end but in a way E.L. Todd ended it beautifully done and happy in a way. I felt for Rose for what she went through yet was awed by her strength to try to lead a normal life. Kyle I have to say is one patient man and loved that through everything that has happened his love for Rose just gets stronger each day. E.L. Todd has no limits in how she can surprise her readers. This series just blew my mind everywhere for these are not just characters but people who are going through heartaches, fears, doubts but through everything love is the key. Loved it.


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