Cottonbloom Book 1: Kiss Me That Way by Laura Trentham

Cottonbloom Book 1: Kiss me that Way by Laura Trentham
349 pages
Ebook and Print
4 1/2 moons

There is a river that goes long and wide. A river that has separated two families for years. There is the Mississippi side that boasts the upper class society and then there is the Louisiana side that holds well the Swamp rats. These are off course the middle class and sometimes poor people. They are the ones who are not understood but the ones who are trying to make a life. Cade Fournette for years has tried to keep his family together but coming from Louisiana has not been easy. He has tried to be strong not weak or loose patience until he rescued one of the Sips residents. Coming back was supposed to be a time for him to heal not to connect with his past. Yet something about little Monroe Kirby has him dreaming of the impossible a future in Cottonbloom. Will he always be known as a Swamp Rat or can he be the man Monroe needs to love and cherish her forever?

Monroe Kirby knows fear and also knows what it is like to always look over her shoulder. One person though rescued her and now seeing her old crush back is making her realize she has no idea how to love. It only took one night to make her see love differently but something about having Cade in her life makes her feel well safe. He is what is called a Swamp Rat, a man from the other side of the Louisiana River and the only man who has made her want to be loved in a very long time. To everybody else he is wrong for her and if she wants to make her business, Girls At Risk a success she must mingle with the right side and sacrifice her heart. Can she just give up on a man like Cade? Will she ever learn how to love and be in love?

Imagine a life again where the people are separated, where you are labeled again. Welcome to Laura Trentham`s latest, Cottonbloom where one river separates everybody but the people are stuck in the past. We have Cade Fournette who all his life he has had to work hard for his family to stay together. Then we have Monroe Kirby who for years has never known how to be loved always in fear of danger. Two people who are from two different places share one thing together and that is to be loved. Laura Trentham enchanted me with this beautiful town to the characters even the Quilting Bees group who by all counts seem like just old fashioned gossipers but hillarious. Cannot wait for more from this beautiful town especially when it is more of the Fournettes.


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