Cottonbloom Book 2:Then He Kiss Me by Laura Trentham

Cottonbloom Book 2: Then he Kissed Me by Laura Trentham
320 pages
Ebook and Print
4 moons

Nash and Tally are friends forever well that was the plan. Problem is Tally is a swamp rat from the other side of the tracks. Nash is pure blood from the other side of the tracks meaning not her kind. When he left her it seemed her whole life was gone as well. Nobody understood her like Nash and seeing him after all these years makes her see him as a more of a friend now. Tally has tried for years to be what her brothers are yet in so many ways feels like a failure. Everybody knows the Fournettes are in a way Swamp trash but in Nash`s eyes she is special. Nothing good will come out of her showing his real feelings but she cannot stay away from him. It started of as a way to rekindle their childhood yet somehow her heart got in the way. Can she be the woman Nash needs in his life or like as usual cower away?

Coming back to Cottonbloom has always been the plan and finding his Tally. Though they were just kids she was the only one who really understood him. They shared a common thing loosing their parents but even then their hearts already knew each other, soul mates. Seeing her again after all these years and how beautiful she has become has made him see his heart has always been in her hands. They may be from different sides of the Louisiana river but no matter how people think they are wrong they have always belonged to each other. Can he convince his best friend they can have a future together with more than just friendship?

Two towns, two hearts, two souls coming together in a way that has been brewing for years. Nash has always been the nerd in his town and only one besides Tally who knew him was his mother. Tally was and is his everything being taken away from her was not in the plans. I loved that how these two are together everything seems and sounds right in their lives. Laura Trentham has created a series that shows a town stuck in the old ways separating and labeling people. I felt sorry for Tally for not being in the right side and Nash for patience all these years. I cannot wait for the next one in this series.


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