Dirty Girl Duet Book 2: Dirty Love by Meghan March

Dirty Girl Duet Book 2: Dirty Love by Meghan March
242 pages


All the things I have done was for her. For years I always regretted my mistakes but never for a moment did I think of doing things different. Greer has always been the one for me at any cost. Everybody including her brother says we are wrong but how can such a beauty like her really love a beast like me. I was trained to kill but knowing someone out there wants to kill my heart I will do anything I can to change things. I knew once I did it it will bite me but seeing the look of fear in her face tears me apart. Greer is my everything and I am determined to get her back even if it means the law separating us forever. Can I convince her we belong together even when our past still comes back to haunt us?

All the stuff about him is true. I didnt want to believe it but everything I have found points at him. My brother told me I should stay away from him but my heart wants him. I finally found him again but knowing the kind of life he had before me is too much. We are like Romeo and Juliet starcrossed but I am determined to change history. My body only knows of one man`s touch and my lips only one man`s kiss there is no way I can survive without my Cav. Do I risk my heart and soul for a man like him?

Meghan March has continued again in her Dirty Duet series with Greer and Cavanaugh making me want more of these two. I love that no matter what is against him right now or stuff he did Cavanaugh is determined to get his woman at any cost. The love he has for his Greer is not the lovesick love but the all consuming I can`t live without you in my life love. Meghan March has once again blown my mind away with how hot this series has become and these two how right they are for each other. If you want just vanilla sex then this is not the one for you but if you want the hot, kinky and get me to come over and over then Dirty Love is it for you. Loved it.


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