Eagle Elite Book 7: Empire by Rachel Van Dyken

Eagle Elite Book 7: Empire by Rachel van Dyken

I always thought love will be with nothing but light and happiness. Yet a man like me will never know love again for their is only darkness for me. One woman though was determined to change but failed. One woman who thought she could be strong, brave and change a killer like me. Nothing but darkness for me yet somehow there is light trying to come into my darkness. A light that I shouldn`t even look or feel again. Everywhere around me hell is breaking loose and it is up to me to make things right again even when I don`t deserve to be happy again. The woman that tried to make me a Prince instead of a Beast was an angel in disguise for even now she is still trying to make me whole. I don`t deserve a second chance or even a lifetime of happiness for I have killed. I was trained to protect this family at any cost with no mercy. Can I do it again and be the man my light needs?

Books and fairy tales are my thing not violence or killings. All my life I thought I was normal but when he comes in everything changes. He is unlike any character in my books I have read for it scares me these feelings I have towards the Beast. Problem is that I am not the woman he needs for I am just a common person no reason to be in his world. One kiss though makes me wonder if beneath the creature is the heart of a man waiting to live again. Everybody tells me he is not a man worthy of any love but only a man who deserves no mercy and death. Can I be the woman that can make him proud? Can I be the one to save this Empire before it crumbles to pieces?

Once again Rachel Van Dyken has outshined in a series that is in one word WOW. I have to say Sergio is becoming a favorite for me and knowing that inside this man is one who is tortured breaks my heart. Rachel Van Dyken once again shows us that no matter what we have done we all deserve happiness even if it means breaking rules. The Eagle Elite series is more than just about the Mafia Empire but of a time where we all are looking for mercy and forgiveness. It is a time where we must learn to be brave even when inside we want to hide. It is a time where must put all our trust on a feeling that is wonderful and once in a lifetime. Rachel Van Dyken you rocked and cannot wait for Dante`s story.


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