Everywhere and Every Way by Jennifer Probst

Everywhere and Every Way by Jennifer Probst

384 pages
Ebook and Print

Pierce Brothers is not just any company in Harrington. They are a company that has been passed through years of past Pierce`s family and lately it seems everything is breaking up apart. Caleb Pierce is part of the Pierce Brothers that includes Dalton and Tristan his other brothers yet seem like strangers right now. He always looked up to his father and thought him banning them from the company seemed like a good idea yet he is a fool. This company is not just about keeping them together but his livelihood only thing he has always known. Knowing he is stuck with Tristan and Dalton for a whole year he is determined to get his brothers back in his life and be the family they used to be. Problem is he is set in his old ways and it takes one strong woman like Morgan to make him see what an asshole he is as well. Being with her makes him feel alive and what he used to be not always the bossy boss or know it all. She needs him to complete a house and he needs her to make his company well his legacy a success. Can he get it all the profits and his family back again in his life?

Morgan knows she is playing high stakes when she corners Caleb Pierce. He is the only one who can get her job done for he has a vision to make it all come to life. The thing is he is also bossy, arrogant, down right rude and sexy above all else. Morgan knows it is wrong to miss business with pleasure but being with him and his family is making her miss things. For years she always been on the go never settling yet seeing Caleb and his brothers is making her how well dull her life has become. The kisses they share confuse her more and the sense of belonging in his arms just down right scares her. Building and decorating houses has always been her thing never dreaming of the future until she meets Caleb. He is a man who is not into flings but committment and family. Can she be the woman he needs or once again feel like a failure in a man`s world?

Ladies get ready to be seduced like Property Brothers has not done before with three sexy as hell brothers. This is the first of a series that will take you behind the scenes of building homes to a family that has been strangers for years. We have Caleb who Jennifer Probst has created with so much bossiness and macho he has no idea how to be a brother or a lover. The attraction he has for Morgan is hot and gets hotter each time they try to deny wowza. This series by Jennifer Probst is already becoming a favorite loved how easy it is for the other brothers to come in yet shows us more of Caleb and Morgan. These two are both stubborn yet when it comes to their chemistry there is no denying the love anymore. Loved it and cannot wait for Tristan and Dalton`s story to come up.


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