Men of Mercy Book 7: Ethan`s Promise by Lindsay Cross

Men of Mercy Book 7: Ethan’s Promise by Lindsay Cross
105 pages
3 1/2 moons

The feeling of seeing a mission accomplished is what gets me going. Knowing that I fought for my country to bring the bad guy down is what gets me going every day. Knowing that Mr. J is still out there wreaking havoc is making me go crazy just waiting for the next mission. Working with Team Omega is one step ahead of getting this asshole gone for good even if it means working with Kate. I am a lone wolf getting the job done when it is needed and working with the Special Forces felt like where I belonged until I was told to wait. Team Omega is exactly what I needed but never thought it would bring me a woman like Kate making me think of the what if`s. Can he just shuck it all up for a woman. Not just any woman but one that completes him every way and fights tooth and nail like him to get the job done.

Good Lord Lindsay Cross is on a roll with her Men of Mercy series and Ethan Slade is one hot tamale in this book. I loved that we finally got to know a little bit about him but felt there should have been more about Kate. Here is a woman to finally get past all of Ethan`s defenses yet felt there wasn`t enough about her to make her be the one to bring him to his knees. Lindsay Cross knows action and man every time we think were close to bringing Mr. J down we get a step behind. Cannot wait for what is in store in Book 8 definitely a series you have to get.


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