Song of the Blackbird by D.B. Michaels

Song of the Blackbird by DB Michaels
June 31, 2016

Family is important to Dr. Emma Edwards and she is determined to see her brother, Sam again. The thing is that she is about to do something dangerous and no one will understand her reason to do it. He was always the one there for him and being separated from him now is heartbreaking. Working in the prison where he is sentenced to is one step closer to at least talking to him. As a doctor she know her skills will come in handy but she didn`t expect Warden Maxim Chambers to be an obstacle. At first he is strict, demanding but when she gets close to him she is seeing a whole different man nobody sees. Emma doesn`t understand how he can turn his back on his own prison but she is determined to help her brother as much as she can. Drugs, betrayal, snitches all in one place and someone higher is organizing everything to the point where it is hard to trust someone right now.

Maxim Chambers takes his job seriously and knows who to trust in the prison. For years he led a tightship until Dr. Emma Edwards comes to work for him. He believes in equality in the work place but something about her is making him think as more of a Warden. For the first time in years a woman is getting under his skin and he is scared of the feelings towards her. The inmates are dangerous and determined to raise his blood pressure but knowing that Emma can be hurt is just too much for him. Can he be the man she needs or be the beast of a Warden everybody sees him as right now?

This is the first I have read by D.B. Michaels and have to say this was definitely intriguing for me. Having a brother in prison I loved that D.B. Michaels went in depth in the workings of a prison. Knowing that there is corruption, drugs and betrayal is just heartbreaking. In some ways I hated Maxim for not believing in his inmates always turning about without a benefit of a doubt. Dr. Emma is like a modern day Florence Nightingale trying to help her brother and others in the prison but feels like a failure in so many ways. D.B. Michaels did a beautiful job showing us two different people fighting for the same thing yet are afraid to show their real identities towards each other. Loved it cannot wait to see what else D.B. Michaels has in store for us.


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