Storm Damages Box Set 1-3 by Magda Alexander

Storm Damages Box Set 1 to 3 by Magda Alexander
755 pages

Storm Damages
Becoming a corporate lawyer has always been my goal to become. Yet everything changes when the firm I am interning brings in Gabriel Storm. The tabloids do not do him justice. In person he is hotter than ever, arrogant, stubborn and one kiss makes my panties drench. No matter how many times I say NO to him the more my body wants him. I always thought I was good in staying strong with my willpower but somehow Gabriel breaks down all my defenses. I am the first person to not be swayed easily by his charms for I am a fighter but slowly my strength is disappearing when I am near him. Can I stay strong and still be the independent woman I am?

Storm Ravaged
I didn`t mean it to happen but somehow I am carrying his child. In so many ways I do not fit in his family yet one person will go as far as try to kill me. Gabriel leads a dangerous and high powered life so different from what I am used to. There is no way I can ever belong in his life but this baby I am carrying is changing everything. I never saw myself as a mother least of all a kept woman. Everybody tells me Gabriel is a womanizer will never settle yet in my heart I want everything to be different. I know love doesn`t come easy for a man like my Gabriel but a girl can dream. Can I still have a normal life with this baby and the career I have worked hard for or loose it all? Can a man like Gabriel Storm ever love a commoner like me?

Storm Redemption
Life can change in an instant and boy being with Gabriel Storm has definitely made me see things differently. I thought this baby would bring us closer in this marriage but like all dreams I have had it is nothing but a dream. Or in this case a nightmare. Someone is determined to tear us apart and no matter how hard Gabriel tries to protect us it feels more like we are in prison. I always thought I can be strong yet this thing going on between us is choking me. I want to be the woman, lover and wife he needs but everytime I think were moving ahead we fall back again. How can our marriage work if we are always at end never meeting halfway? Can I continue this marriage when all hope of love might never rise again?

Ladies beware in this book for there is a hot, sexy, arrogant and did I mention sexy billionaire. Magda Alexander has done it again in a series that will blow you away. At first I was mad at Elizabeth for being stubborn about her love towards Gabriel. I mean here is a guy willing to go above and beyond to prove his love and she almost throws it away. Gabriel is not the usual rich playboy he used to be but a man with so many responsibilities and an evil mother that will make Cruela de Vil cower away. Every chapter in this book shows passion, love and did I mention passion there is no escaping. I loved how Magda never slowed down in the book by the time I knew it I was at the end. Gabriel is definitely the hero in this book and boy Elizabeth had no chance at all right from the beginning I even fell for him. I am intrigued though about Brianna and Jake definitely cannot wait for their story. Loved it.

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