Suddenly Dirty by J.A. Low

Suddenly Dirty by J.A. Low
222 pages
4 moons

I thought I had a good marriage. Thought my love for Beau was enough but I was wrong. One minute it was my birthday the next I am just trash kicked out to the curve. I never imagined that I would be divorced thought I would be in love forever with kids by now. Joke was on me though for there is more than my ex. I listened to music but never was into it until I heard the band, Dirty Texas, now there is something about their music and lets face it the rockstars. There was one though that always got my attention the bad boy himself Evan Wyld lead guitarist. Something about hearing him play well gets my lady parts skyrocketting. He is totally opposite what I dreamed of being with but my heart wants him. For the first time in years I am single and sex is what I need, crave and want with him. Can I be in a sexual adventure with him without my heart getting in the way like a love sick puppy?

I love playing music being in front of thousands of people hearing them cheer for me. Yet over the years it is getting tiresome in some ways. Don`t get me wrong there are girls, boobs, pussy all available for me but everything changes when I see her picture. Sienna Hayes is unlike any groupie I met and for some reason she is all I think about lately. It was supposed to be just a week of sex nothing more but I cannot let her go. The thought of someone kissing lips I kissed, touching the body I licked and caressed is not sitting well with me. Somehow I need to convince her that on the outside I am rockstar but inside is a man who loves her truly, deeply and madly.

One word for Suddenly Dirty by J.A. Low is HOT. This is the first I have read from this author and boy was I intrigued. This is not the usual rockstar story but one of a woman who thought she had it all only to see that with the right man love is endless. I loved that Evan Wyld is all bad, sexy and sex on a stick but when it comes to Sienna everything is off the table. J.A. Low knows sex, passion and love and these two show it every way. The teasing between them is not the usual cat and mouse chase but a passion that will be tested showing how far a rockstar will go to keep the love of his life. Loved it and cannot wait for Book 2.


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