The Cocky Smiling O Book 1: Duncan-The Deal by Jade Sinner

The Cocky Smiling O Series Book 1: Duncan The Deal by Jade Sinner
4 1/2 moons

Is it wrong to proposition the devil? By the devil I mean the smooth talking make my panties wet of a boss, Duncan Willis. For years I have worked for him by day but at night oh at night I fantasize wicked things we will be doing. Fantasies that I know are pretend yet a part of me wants to be the girl that licks, kisses and well gets to feel his Big Duncan. When I hear him one day I know what I have to do but is scared of the outcome. A girl like me never gets the guy and man like Duncan is one hot man that I know I will never want to let go. He is my boss and I am just the HR woman totally opposite but for one weekend all bets are off. I might have come from a small town but I am a bad ass in the world Duncan lives always demanding and ordering people around. Can I remain strong when Duncan`s past comes back reminding me that he is far beyond a man I will ever have and right now is just pretend?

She doesn`t know it but I have lusted for her since she started working for me. People see me as a sex on a stick something they can lick, make me come and just throw me away. I know I am partially to blame as well for sex comes easily for me except one woman. Of all the women I have sampled she is the one that is forbidden for me in so many ways. Working with her I see her fiercness, strength but I want more than what she shows at work. I am quite surprised that she is threatening me right now but I cannot pass this chance up. Being with her makes me feel alive and something I haven`t felt in a really long time, love. It was supposed to be just a weekend but I want the forever not a fling anymore. Can I convince her that pretend is good but so is the possibilities of forever?

Girls get ready to get a fan and well fresh panties lol for Jade Sinner and her man will make you wet. I have to say Duncan is one cool sex on a stick that will make you want more. I felt sorry for Kimbra for she has no chance of keeping her heart intact with this sly sexy devil. One thing I loved about this book well besides Duncan and his virility is Kimbra`s family. They are hillarious most of all her Grandmother and Amazon Prime lol. This is definitely one hilliarious book full of comedy, passion, hot delicious sex and a man seeing that even a playboy like him can change with the right woman.


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