Before that Night by Violet Duke

Before that Night by Violet Duke
201 pages

Family is important to me. I will do anything I can to protect my little brother and sister even lying. For years I put my life on hold to make sure we stay together. My mother was supposed to be the mother and me the girl starting college. Yet fate has something in store for me something I never expected in my life. Now I am working at Joe`s Diner and the only friend I have is a cop. This is dangerous territory I am in but something about Caine Spencer pulls me to him. Everybody says he is grouchy, grumpy and yet talking to him is the only excitement I crave every night working at the diner. I shouldn`t be talking to him considering everything I am doing to protect my family. One mistake and I will loose everything I have worked hard but I cannot stay away from him.

She is way too young for me but something about Addison Milan calls to me. I love that she is like a mother hen to her brother and sister something I don`t see often. In my gut though I know she is hiding something about her family. I am not going to push but will give her time to tell me for the little time we have talking to each other is like heaven for me. The more time I am with her is making me see how empty my life has become lately and I crave her smile and laughter now. Everything changes one night though when the truth comes out and I have to do something I know will hurt my girl. Above all I am a cop at first and a man but for the first time since putting on my badge I want to throw it away. Can I prove to Addison what I am doing is right for everybody and hope like hell I don`t lose her?

Before that Night by Violet Duke is the start of a series of four brothers starting with the grouchiest cop brother, Cain. Now what I loved about Cain is that though he has seen the bad and ugly in life there is a part of him that wants happiness again. I loved that for one moment Addison brought that to him and the chemistry between them was cute not just of passion. The friendship they have was funny and yet in so many ways felt new to Addison. Violet Duke did a beautiful job in showing us that there can be more if you learn to trust which sometimes doesn`t come easily. This is the first part of Addison and Cain and cannot wait to see what happens after this night.


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