Covet by Janet Nissenson

Covet by Janet Nissenson


All my life I have been alone. My mother tried her best to be there for me but her illness took away the only mom I used to know. My best friend tried to help me in finding a place to sleep but even then it was too good to be true. Only one who has always been there for me was Peter and even then I still felt lonely. Happiness is not for me and I have learned to accept it after all these years. It was a marriage of a convenience a way for us to find a small part of peace in our lives. I know in some ways I kept Peter behind from him following his dreams. Yet lately I am feeling restless wanting more than this life I have come to known so far. Working in the Gregson Company is making me see how much has been lacking in my life especially sex and love. Ever since I saw Ian Gregson`s picture I have been in lust over someone I know will never give a second glance at me. Working with him though everyday is making me see that a girl like me will never get her Prince Charming or that feeling of love other girls talk about in their life. Am I doomed for loneliness forever or will my luck change at last?

She is tempation. She is the forbidden fruit and I feel like the devil wanting to tempt her to be lured to me. Tessa Lockwood is too young for me but I cannot stop from watching her. My days are filled with anticipation of hearing her voice and puttering around my office and my nights are filled with every fantasy I have about her. I am 40 years old way older for her but her innocence and beautiful heart calls to me. I shouldn`t go after her considering she is a married woman and I don`t go after married women but something about her calls to me. I have had plenty of women before but Tessa is not the usual woman I go for and this scares me. I want to be the man who pampers her, pleasures her and just be the man she needs in her life. Can I continue on like this with her? Will she ever be mine or will I be the man who covets another`s man`s wife forever?

When I first read Tessa and Ian`s story of the Splendor series Book 2 I was amazed and blown away by their passion. Yet Janet Nissenson has once again blown me away with their courtship in a way. I loved that we saw how Tessa was before she met Ian and his feelings in the beginning. This is not the usual secretary and boss romance but of a story about a woman finally getting the happiness that has been denied her forever. I loved that we see how Tessa became how she is and Ian trying to keep her feelings for her intact. The chemistry between them in this prequel is beautiful leading us to well the main event in book 2. I loved it and cannot wait for more from this talented author and a series that is much more splendid.


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