On His Watch by Katie Ruggle

On his Watch by katie Ruggle
3 moons

Being a hero is not something I thought would happen today. Then again I never pictured today being the day I will see Artemis Rey again or feeling her lips on mine again. People say my job is dangerous but being an Ice Rescue Diver means finding those in need and seeing they are alive. It was supposed to be an easy day going over a couple of kids from elementary school about rescue diving. Yet I never expected to see Artemis again after all these years. Breaking up with her years ago has always been the biggest regret I have had in my life. She is a woman who is meant for so much more than a man like me in her life. Knowing that this is my chance I am determined to not screw it up or fail her in finding her two school kids. Yep being a hero today was not in the plans but getting my Artemis has always been my plan.

It has been years since she last kissed him. Years since she was with Derek Warner and still the love and passion is still there. Everybody told her he was from the wrong side of the tracks and only bring her down. Yet being with him always felt right even now after all this time. She is a school teacher and somehow her attention was not on the kids but of what might have been with him. Knowing that there are two little kids lost is too much but having Derek there feels right. As a Search and Rescue man she knows this is the thing he works for but how much trust can she put on him. Can she put her on the line again after all this time? As a woman who follows rules and never has done anything impulsive can she a responsible woman love a sexy and dangerous man again.

Okay after reading Katie Ruggle`s other Search and Rescue novels I felt this one just felt too fast paced. It felt like I was coming into the middle of their story not really getting a sense of what really happened. I mean I wanted more of the passion and romance her other characters have feeling this one just felt like it was missing a big part of it. I mean sure it`s a short story and love that the whole part was finding the kids but wanted more of their love.There was a lot of back story missing between them and wanted to know what else happened besides their falling apart. Hoping the next one by Katie will be better and more of the characters.


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