Relentless Pursuit by Ella Jade

Relentless Pursuit by Ella Jade
4 moons

I want more. I want the all consuming passion, the sex the feeling of being consumed and taken. Problem is the man I want doesn`t want me. Julian Anders has been more of a friend to me for he has starred in all my dreams and fantasies since high school. It is wrong to come to the BDSM Club but never in a million years imagined him to be there too. They say if you want to be taken and dominated real good he is the guy for you. Every woman there has had him and want more yet he never goes for seconds. Everybody see`s me as the vanilla sex kind of girl but lately I am craving for something more and exciting. I am determined to show him that I am no longer his best friends little sister but a woman all grown and sexual in every way. Can I convince him how right we are?

I am known to make a girl get wet. Known to make all their secrets and fantasies come true but not known to come back a second time. At least until I saw her and everything changes. I must be nuts to even think of kissing her or showing her my world but Kayla Quinn is a woman I cannot ignore anymore. For years I hid my feelings towards her and now she is here in my club tempting me in every way possible. I cannot break the best friend code but Kayla has grown into a beautiful and sexy woman that makes me want to shield her from every other man in the club. Can I show her my world without losing my heart? Will she be the one to finally tame me?

This is the first I have read by Ella Jade and have to say cannot wait for more of Julian and Kayla`s story. I loved that she is innocent about this world but determined to learn to please Julian. The attraction between them is hot and man Julian has no chance of surviving without her. Ella Jade did a beautiful job in showing her innocence yet passion to learn how far her sexuality can go. This is the first part for there is more of them to come and cannot wait for it.

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