Style by Chelsea M. Cameron

Style by Chelsea M. Cameron
242 pages
4 moons

I like guys I like guys something I have been telling myself lately. I am not attracted to the queen bitch, Stella Lewis. Yet no matter how hard I try I cannot stop looking at her. High school is tough right now and I don`t need this right now. I am not sure what it is about her but ever since she got into my AP Honors class we are paired together and I am seeing a whole different Stella. My friends will call me crazy for feeling this especially towards her. She has always been stuck up, snobby and totally not a person I would be friends or even have feelings towards to. I mean I am not into girls at least I think I am not. Lately though I am starting to feel things I have never felt and even fantasizing. Problem is that it is not just any girl but Stella who is starting in my fantasies and dreams.

Sometimes hiding things in life can be hard especially when you in high school. I have so far hidden my secret but lately it is getting harder now. I know if my friends found out I was into girls they would disband me and considering this is my Senior Year I want to end it differently. Everything changes though when I am paired to the one girl who has been starting in my fantasies, Kyle Blake. She is so opposite of the girls I know yet something about her innocence, nerdiness and classic beauty just grabs my attention. I know it is wrong but each day is getting harder to ignore the attraction. I had plans to wait till college and explore my sexuality but Kyle is making it harder to keep my secret. Can I continue on and will she be my breaking point?

Life is hard especially when it is your Senior Year and everything you thought you were has changed. For Kyle this is a huge surprise for she never thought she was into girls especially one like Stella Lewis. Two people so opposite from the status quo one is a cheerleading captain the other well a nerd trying to be normal like everybody else. What I liked about the book by Chelsea M. Cameron is that we see the fear, anxiety and the joy of feeling something so new it scares you but learn how to accept it. This is definitely not the normal book I review but once I started it was pleased to see Chelsea M. Cameron bring this book with ease and not just another lesbian story yet about two girls finding their way.


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