Bad Boys After Dark: Mick by Melissa Foster

Bad Boys After Dark: Mick by Melissa Foster
300 pages

I am in control. I am the seductress and can get any man. The book says I have to know what I want and seduce the man back to my bed. The thing is of all the men at this Masquerade Crawl I have seen none that compare to my fantasy man and boss, Mick Bad. I know it is wrong but I want him. Working with him has been frustrating because all I want to do is jump his bones. Tired of waiting for him to notice me I am following my sisters lead and take matters in my hand. I need a guy, someone to help me get out of my funk of attracting boring, accountant type guys. I know as a paralegal I should be used to these type of guys but I want someone to just take me, ravish me show me the real BIG O even if it means being with someone else than Mick. No for me Mick will be in my dreams never a reality or might it be possible. Can I finally get Mick in my bed even if it means to pretend?

I shouldn`t be doing this but after months of working with her I will finally have my Amanda in my bed. I am not used to seeing her like this. Gone is the innocent, workaholic and safe woman. No instead now I see a sexy, beautiful seductress tempting me in things I never imagined before happening. Being with her is making me see I cannot continue living a life where she is not in there. Everywhere I go she is there from her scent on my pillows to now in my heart. It was supposed to be just one time but even I know how stupid I sounded when I asked her for that for one night is not enough. Can I be the man who shows her all about sex, passion and seduction then let her go so easily? Will she be the one to show me that love does exist?

Bad Boys After Dark by Melissa Foster is a series you do not want to miss starting with Mick. Here is a man who has known heartache and pain at an early age and is jaded now of love. He knows a man like him can never keep love and yet Amanda is a contradiction that scares him. Her take on love is mind boggling to him yet being without her for even a minute scares him. I loved how Melissa Foster shows us a bad boy yet we see a side of Mick nobody sees and brings out the vulnerability in him that he hides so well. This a series by Melissa Foster that started off in a bang and cannot wait to see what else in store for the Bad Boys After Dark.

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