Dirty Move by Violet Paige

Dirty Move by Violet Paige
195 pages
3 1/2 moons

Football is his life yet somehow a cheerleader has gotten his attention. He is known to play hard never party but somehow this little woman is distracting him. Natalia Dupont is unlike any cheerleader he has seen and being with her is not something he expected. He is close to his team making it big to the Superbowl but something more important has come up and that is seeng Natalia happy. Sam has never known a woman like her with so much hope and determination in many ways like him. The more he is with her he is seeing how right she belongs in his life. Can he keep her forever knowing that she is fighting every day to get her dreams back agan?

She never imagined she will go from being a ballerina to a cheerleader. It is wrong in so many ways but knows it is one step closer to getting all her dreams to come true again. One injury is all it takes to put her life on hold and with everything happening she never expected to meet a man like Sam Hickson. He is the enemy according to her friends because he is from the rival football team and she must never associate with him. Kind of hard when her heart and body wants him. For the first time she is wanting something more than dancing and it scares her. Can she get all her dreams and still have a man like Sam?

Dirty Move in so many ways seemed sweet and cute but yet in other ways too fast paced for me. The attraction between Sam and Natalia is instantaneous too easy for them. I loved that Violet Paige shows us the obstacles they go through to be together but wanted more between these two. Felt there should have been more besides them hiding their love and felt in some ways bad they couldn`t explore more. May seem this what was missing but hoping the next one of Violet Paige will be more of the characters then just the passion between them.


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