Hiding Out by Emma Nichols

Hiding Out by Emma Nichols
270 pages
4 moons

Samuel Davenport does not let his personal life interfere with his company. Interoffice romance is never good and one rule Sam has made sure in his company to never happen. The problem is that ever since his personal assistant went on maternity leave he has been having a hard time reeling his feelings in towards the temp, Haley. Something about her just distracts him in a way no woman has ever done. With Haley he is not the workaholic and serious person everybody sees but a man. For years he has had women go after him and his money yet Haley shows him that a woman can want him besides his money. The more he is with her he is seeing a side of his woman nobody has seen in a long time. He is determined to find out the real mystery of Haley for something has made her secretive and into hiding who she really is.

Once upon a time Haley believed in love and happiness. One night changed everything and now afters months of hiding she is trying to live again. Problem is that she never expected for a man like Samuel Davenport to take interest in her. She doesn`t know why he will be into her and she tried hard to hide herself. Her best friend and his assistant tell her she needs to live again but how can she when there is still fear in her life. Being with Sam is making her see how far she has shied away from life and she is determined to not let her heart get in the way again. Can she be the woman Sam needs or will fear and her past always control her life?

This is the first I have read from Emma Nichols and have to say it was intriguing in every way. Loved that no matter how many times she denies the attraction there is no fighting a man like Sam Davenport. Emma Nichols did a beautiful job showing us how a woman like Haley has been hurt yet struggles everyday to be who she used to be. Sam is a man who has many personalities that attract women including his money but none see the real man behind everything and Haley scares him.The feelings he has for her is strong and yet excites him at the possibility of finally finding love like his parents. Loved it and cannot wait to see what Emma has in store for his brother.


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