Mechanical Hearts by Nicole Blanchard

Mechanical Hearts by Nicole Blanchard
109 pages
4 moons

This cannot be what my life is going to be like. I cannot stand Aunt Millie and though she took me and little sister in there has to be a better life than this hell we are living. One minute I was looking for a place to run away and the next I am in the hands of a pirate name Captain Ezra Castle. I still don`t know how I landed in this world but know the key that led me here is also the key I need to get back home to Phoebe. I am not sure if maybe I hit my head or if all I am seeing is really real. Everybody is human yet some part of them is mechanical like my captain. In more ways I feel like Alice in the Wonderland scared and yet in intrigued how a world like this even exists. Ezra is unlike any man for no matter how gruff he is and may seem ruthless there is a part of him with his daughter that gets to me. Seeing the love in his eyes breaks me but the thought of staying here forever never seeng Phoebe is too much. Being in this world is making me see there is a lot of things my Aunt Millie never told me about including my heritage.

This is the first I have read by Nicole Blanchard and have to say I was intrigued with this book. Nicole brought this world so easily to life I can see Captain Ezra and his mechanical arm. Everybody in this world and the city life seemed magical to think a world like this might exist was beautiful. The attraction between Caroline and Ezra were at times like hot and cold yet once Ezra see`s the connection there is no tearing him apart from this enchantress. Cannot wait to see what else in store in this beautiful world and by Nicole Blanchard.

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