Warrior by Nicole Blanchard

Warrior by Nicole Blanchard
219 pages

We were friends never lovers yet one night is all it takes to make me see he has always been more than a friend to me. Ben has always been the one I imagined my life with kind of a hero in my eyes. He is well everything I imagined my future husband will be like minus the demons that haunt him. Ben in so many ways is a man who is fighting to be something else yet fighting to be the protector in his family. It was supposed to be one night with Ben but he left me something that even now I am grateful considering how it happened.Knowng he is back to bury his brother can make any man go crazy but when he finds out my secret I know he will hate me. Can I be the friend he used to have when I know how he taste and makes my body heat up like no man has done since that night?

The Army can change a person like either make you stronger or make you deadly. This is something that I have struggled to be better but no matter how hard I try I can never be the man Olivia needs. She is pure, beautiful, sexy and so untouchable for me but I had one night. One night to know pure heaven and peace in her arms. Family has always been important to me and coming back knowing I failed my brother is too much. I swore never to come back and burying my brother was supposed to be quick. Yet one meet with Olivia and everything changes especially when her secret is revealed. Now all I want to do is stay and be the man she deserves. Can I be with her knowing the person who killed my brother is still out there?

Get ready for a man who will sweep in and make you forget of other men for Ben is exactly that in Warrior by Nicole Blanchard. I loved that even though he is a man with so many demons brings me heartache for he is someone who deserves some heaven in his life. The chemistry between him and Olivia was sweet and sometimes so easily to come together. Nicole Blanchard did a beautiful job in showing that no matter how quick a night is it is the feelings that stay forever. The love they have is stronger than ever and cannot wait what else is in store by Nicole Blanchard.

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