Bound Together Book 2: Profited by Lacey Black

Bound Together Book 2: Profited by Lacey Black
June 28, 2016


One night of freedom is all I have right now. One night where I am not Reid Hunter next in line for the family business, the Chamelon. My college days are over but then I see her. She is everything that feels right in my night right now but know I cannot have more than this night. Yet something about her makes him do the impulsive and be free. One night is all I can give her but know somehow this girl is going to change me. Years later he still remembers the girl, the one girl to make him feel young, adventurous and not the business tycoon Reid Hunter. One night where he felt passion, chemistry and everything felt right. Who knew she was right under his nose al these years? Her name is Dani Whitley and she is more than a woman but a mother. Eight years wasted and now he is determined to be the man she needs and hopefully more than just a stranger. Can he be the man she knew the fun, impulsive and carefree Reid Hunter?

It was one night with a stranger. One night that changed my life but for one night I was free and impulsive. I can`t say if it was his eyes, his lips or the way he made me feel loved that made me do what I did but I don`t regret it never. Seeing him again is making me see how much he has changed just like me. Now he is all business and ruthless not the man I came to all those years ago. Gone is the Reid Hunter I knew the one who made my body heat and my heart thump wild. Yet after all these years the chemistry is still there and stronger than ever. Can I trust him with my little man or will he break us? Money has never been important to me but seeing this Reid like he is scares me yet excites me. We are so different from what we used to be makes me wonder if we can get back what we had the love and passion all those years ago?

Once again Lacey Black has done it again with a tale of second chances and making us see there is hope for us. I loved that we see a part of Reid nobody has seen, carefree and smiling. The love he has for Dani has never flamed out after all these years for she is the one that got away. I loved that Dani is able to bring out the the Reid Hunter that has been closed off all these years. We see a business man who has become cold-hearted but when it comes to Dani we see a seductive, loving and passionate man. Loved it and boy have to say Lacey Black just keeps coming back with awesome and passionate stories never a disappointment.


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