1001 Dark Nights: Hard to Serve by Laura Kaye

1001 Dark Nights: Hard to Serve by Laura Kaye

Being a detective is all Kyler Vance knows what to do. Yet ever since he got hurt at a funeral he is manning the desk. Everybody in his family was a cop and being idle is not something he looks forward to be doing the rest of his life. The only place where he is in control is Club Blasphemy, the one place where he can let the beast out. Nobody knows this side of him and he wants to remain it like that so far. Problem is that even Blasphemy is turning out to be something that is making him ansty. It has been years since he has been with a good submissive and so far none of the women he has seen has captured his attention until Mia Breslin enters. Here is a woman who doesn`t talk back, disobey, agrees to whatever he says and might just be the woman to end his career as well. Being with Mia he is starting to feel something he hasn`t felt in a long time. Can he show Mia that he can be the Dom to her Submissive in and out Blashpemy?

Men are easy to find for Mia but men who can make her come with a command or a chokehold is hard to find. She always knew her kinky side will overcome her stable life and it is time. Everybody that is into BDSM knows the place to go is Club Blasphemy where anything goes. Meeting Master Kyler though is not what she expected for he scares and excites her in a way no man has done before. His touch caresses her in a way that makes her hot and his voice seduces her in a way that she can come just by his voice. He is everything she is looking for but she is just a submissivie nothing more which is painful. Mia knows that a relationship with Master Kyler is not in the cards but then again Blasphempy is not your usual BDSM hangout.

In one word of Hard to Serve by Laura Kaye is HOT. If there is one author who can make getting spanked or being tied up hotter than ever it is Laura Kaye. I loved that Mia is a confident, passionate woman who knows what she wants and that is Master Kyler. Even reading about him and boy his actions was making this reader hot as well. The chemistry between them is a no holes barred relationship where anything goes and boy does anything go. Laura Kaye created this couple in a way that can either break or make them stronger making them make the ultimate choice in their lives, surrender. As a Master Dominant Vance Kyler is going to have to fight for the one thing he hasn`t been able to find as a Dom and that is a submissive to complete him in every way. Cannot wait to see what else happens in Club Blasphemy for this is one club where anything can happen even breaking the rules.

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