Forever and Ever Book 1: All I Want Is You by E.L. Todd

Forever and Ever Book 1: All I Want Is You by E.L. Todd
391 pages
Ebook and Print

She is my best friend. We have always been together ever since we were little kids. College should be different a time for us to have ouar own adventure. Yet no matter how many girls I have been with all I want is Skye Preston. When I see her I don`t see the sexy girl with a great rack or bootylicious ass no instead I see a beautiful, smart and enchanting girl I have always loved. The thing is that right now she is with a douche bad of epic proportions and I am tired of waiting. I know Skye belongs to me but my friends well cousins are right she will never look at me that way. Everybody tells me to move on and forget about her but she is my one and in some ways soul mate. Can I just keep on going like I am right now living a foolish dream? Will I ever get the love and happiness I see in my parents one day?

This is one giddy and excited reader after reading the start of a series I am already loving. E.L. Todd has made me happy seeing what has happened with Sean, Scarlet, Cortland basically everybody in the first series Forever and Always series. This is the continuation of their kids and boy it is like seeing them all over again in a way that made me cry. We have Cayson who has always loved his best friend but is afraid of changing their friendship. Ring a bell yep but so much better. I loved that even though Skye is afraid she is ready to get all the happiness she deserves yet we see doubt and fear. The romance between them is sweet and adorable in so many ways. Stay tuned for this is not just about a family that has grown but a bond of love nobody expected. So many twists and turns already in this series stay tuned.


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