Forever and Ever Book 2: If Loving You is Wrong by E.L. Todd

Forever and Ever Book 2: If Loving You Is Wrong by E.L. Todd
329 pages
Ebook and Print
4 moons

Sleeping with her still feels like a dream to me. I finally have Skye Preston all to myself yet I feel our bubble of happiness will burst any minute. The douchebag is still lurking and I know he is waiting. I want to prove to Skye I want more than just sex but every day with her is getting harder to wait. I have seen what sex can do and want more than that from my Skye. When I see her and hold her hand she is more than someone I am sleeping with she is my future wife, mother of my children and always my best friend. Hard to explain it but she is my everything.

Love is hard especially when it is my best friend but Cayson is everything to me. For years I never knew he was in love with me and now everything has changed. I have had men before and they only want one thing from me but with Cayson it is more than just sex. We haven`t done it yet but know he is being patient with me after the fiasco with the douchebag. Can we still be where we are after we finally do the deed or will it ruin us forever?

I love my best friends but man all the lovey dovey is too much. My cousins belong together but lately seeing all the love is getting to me. I cannot in my life imagine being shackled to the same girl every night just not right. Yet they are happy and that is what matters in every way. Sex is hot and I am determined to never let someone change me. The feeling of making a girl come is hot especially when that woman is Trinity and we go bareback in a way I have never experienced before in my life. Now it seems that having sex with just random girls is dull which only gets exciting when I am with Trinity. I don`t know what is for we are enemies through and through but a night with her changes everything in a way I see her as more than just the enemy but hottest fuck buddy ever. It`s all this lovey dovey stuff going for no way is a girl going to change me to be a one girl kind of a man no way.

Love definitely has a way of changing people and loving how it is turning out in this series is exciting. We have Cayson and Skye who at this point is on the next step of their new relationship but still afraid of going further. Then we have the biggest manwhore Slade in the family feeling more than frustrated towards Trinity which scares him. I loved that Slade seems all about sex yet when it comes to Trinity she just blows his mind. Friends, enemies, lovers something these four people never imagined going through in their lives. Can their love and the love of their parents with guidance show them that if they have faith anything is possible?


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