Forever and Ever Book 3: You All I`ll Ever Need by E.L. Todd

Forever and Ever Book 3: You Are All I`ll Ever Need by E.L. Todd
248 pages
Ebook and Print

We waited years to be together and now this is my chance. The thing is my dream has always been to go to Stanford in their medical program. I know Skye is the one for me and no one else but the distance is what scares me. She is my everything and the more were with each other I cannot imagine a life without her. Skye has always wanted to run her father`s business and know if it comes down to make a choice I dread the answer. My love for her is stronger than ever but there are times with Skye that I question. Jealousy has never been my thing yet when I was with Jasmine my heart always belonged to her. Yet everything changes when Roland, her brothers breaks the code. Now I am sick of what this will do to us. Can I be with her after everything that happened and be the man she needs?

I cannot stay away from her. It has been months since I have been with another woman none compare to what I have with Trinity. Yet the possibility of her being with another man tears me apart. I know when I made this arrangement it was supposed to be just about sex but somehow she got to my heart. I told my dad love is not in the cards for me but then again I cannot imagine Trinity not in my life. She see`s a part of me nobody sees and it scares the shit out of me. Sex is all I am good at yet if being a boyfriend to her makes her happy I am determined to show her there is more than just sex to me. My dad asked me if I was in love with Trinity kind of hard to answer yet I know deep down I cannot say nothing else. Can a man with tattoos all over who has had so many women finally settle with a girl like Trinity?

Omg so much drama, betrayal, suspense yes suspense in book 3 was making me go topsy turvy. I loved that Slade finally manned up well in some ways about his feelings towards Trinity. The sex between them is hot but Cayson and Skye wow talk about passion between them. I loved that we finally see a strong connection between them yet kind of hoping for more of Trinity and Slade. In so many ways we see Cayson and Skye settle and seeing the new adventure Slade is going through was exciting. Cannot wait to see what is in store with Book 4 between these four and the others in the family. All in all it is so much fun seeing everybody in the first series and this one come together. Loving it.


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