Dice by Savannah Rylan

Dice by Savannah Rylan
216 pages

All my life it has been about the Righteous Outlaws and nothing else. For years it was Nick who guided me, protected me and now that he is gone I feel lost. Everything I thought that felt right seems foreign to me. Even my best friend, Miles who is more of an older brother is different now. Not sure how it happened but we are changing and it takes a stranger to show me this. Allison is more than a girl I will tap and it scares the shit out of me. When everything else is going to shit, finding out how Gorditas gang is one step ahead of us just being with her seems so right. She is everything I never dreamed of having because let’s face it a guy like me doesn’t deserve a woman like her who is beautiful, pure and in love with me.

The plan was supposed to talk to Kade and leave. There was no part in this plan of me falling in love with a man like Dice Warren. He is definitely not the type of man I would have introduced to my mother if she were alive but my heart wants him. I tried to stay away from him but after seeing how he is with his godson I melt. Beneath his tough exterior is a man I am falling for easily but know once my real identity is revealed everybody will hate me. He says I am his everything but can I get the man without the club and still be happy together.

Okay I have to say this is a series that I am loving every moment and intrigued about the rival gang intruding in their lives. We previously caught a glimpse of Dice and have to say my heart ached for him in this book. Happiness and love is not something he has seen in his life and everything well stopped for him when Nick died. The loss of this gentle President of the club is still present and we see a side of the biker gang we didn`t see before acceptance. This is something they have no idea how to come to terms and Dice is taking it hard. The chemistry he feels for Allison is something he never thought a man like him was capable of having. Savannah Rylan just pulled me in Dice`s story and loved that she created such a beautiful, gentle and perfect woman for Dice in Allison. These two were perfect for each other the beautiful woman bringing light into a man who has only known darkness and hate in his life. Loved it and wander what will happen to this club now in the next one in the book.


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