Forever and Ever Book 4: Having You is Never Enough by E.L. Todd

Forever and Ever Book 4: Having You Is Never Enough by E.L. Todd
191 pages
Ebook and Print

My name is Slade and to some girls I am referred to as sex on a stick. Girls are always available to me and have no problem taking one, two heck even three at a time with no remorse at all. Yet through all the girls I can have somehow only one girl has gotten under my skin. Trinity, the one person who always fought with me has somehow made me only want her. I am not sure how it happened but she is all I can think about which scares the shit out of me. If you want a good fuck I was the one who was there for you. Yet the thought of shacking up with some nameless girl doesn`t appeal to me anymore and this is so unlike me. I know it is wrong to keep her from meeting a better man but the thought of someone kissing the lips I have tasted and feeling her touches is too much. Trinity belongs to me but how can a man like me who has been with many women before demand a monogamous relationship with a beauty like her.

I am not known to keep secrets but this thing with Slade is in all parts exciting, scary and paradise. You see everybody knows Slade is all about sex but when he is with me it is just us, Trinity and Slade. There is a part of him I never knew from his love of old classics, his dreams and the most exciting part his passion towards me. Everyday with him is like a new story I never knew about him. I know he is not type to stay with me forever but the time we do have is awesome. The part I hate though is the secret and it is killing me that I cannot share our love to everybody else in our family. I know my dad will not take it but being with Slade is the most important thing even if it means loosing the one person I can rely on to comfort and tell me things will be okay.

Oh my god I am so glad we finally see Slade man up. It was so fun seeing him overcome with so many feelings he has never felt before. In so many ways it was actually funny him asking about love and how to be a better person. Cayson have to say is still in so many ways my favorite but seeing Slade like this is like a bad boy being redeemed. He is still hot and his passion for Trinity and jealousy just well makes him hotter than ever. E.L. Todd once again is making me love this series between these new love, passion and a new kind of friendship coming on.

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