Forever and Ever Book 6: You Have My Heart by E.L. Todd

Forever and Ever Book 6: You Have My Heart by E.L Todd
197 pages
Ebook and Prnt
4 moons

I know after Sage, Trinity, Skye and Cayson graduated things will be different but man I miss those guys. Sure I see them because they are family but it is not the same thing. The only person who I can rely on Roland left me dropping out of college to follow his dreams seems so unreal for me. I always thought college life will change me but man it is scary now. Even the girls now seem the same slutty ones never anybody dfferent until I met her. Beatrice is unlike the ones I have bedded with and in a way meeting her is refreshing. She also comes from a well reputed family like mine but yet she seems to sway away from them. It is like her being a Santini doesn`t matter to her. I never saw myself has a snob but seeing Beatrice work and make a living for herself just makes me admire and want her more.

I know he is bad for me but I cannot stay away from Arsen. He is unlike the preppy boys I see at college and maybe wonder this is what excites me. Being in his arms is like the one tme where I can be me and still feel safe as well. My father will hate him and maybe disown me but I cannot stay away from him. Arsen is everything I should stay away from consdering he comes from the wrong side of the tracks. Everybody see`s a rich college heiress but with him I am just his girl, Silkie. Can I contnue to be wth him no matter how many times he persist we don`t belong for each other?

Martial Arts is the only thing I know I can excel at and I love my career. Problem is that nobody takes me seriously and now Alex is here. She may be a girl but dang she kicks ass ncluding mine. I tried to be nice to her but after everybody witness her beatng me out in her interview well there is only so much niceness I can give out. I don`t know what it is about her but she just rubs me the wrong way. Everybody tells me I should be nice and just be frends but there is more about her that bothers me.

All Cayson has ever wanted to be was a doctor and knowing he is sacrificing his dreams to be with her is too much for Skye. They have always been able to talk to each other and now that college is over with what she is going to do breaks her. Everybody tells her in life people have to do things they never expected to happen and this is one Skye never imagined. She always thought they would be together but this is a bump in the road she knows must happen even if it means giving her heart away.

Slade never imagined himself as a comitted one woman kind of guy yet everything has changed since Trinity`s accident. Knowing that he almost lost her was too much and now a day without her is unimaginable. He always envied his cousin Cayson with the love thing he has with Skye and never thought it would happen to him. Yet being with Trinity is all he knows how to be and knows what he wants to do now. Can he convince everybody he is serious about the woman that has tamed him?

Have to say I miss the old gang these three just seemed to dwell on what once was instead of just moving on. Conrad for all purposes is trying to be good after everything that has happened wth his sister Trinity in the past but feel there is a lot more about him we don`t see. Theo still not sure about this guy I am getting different vides about him. Now Silkie have to say feels like it is Ryan and Janice all over again. I love that Silkie doesn`t see the differences between Arsen and her yet feel like we jumped in the middle of their relationship. One thing for sure is that E.L. Todd just pulled me with what is going on with Cayson and Skye. I loved though seeing a tough guy like Slade see anything is possible even his dreams changing possibly. I would have loved to see what brought these two together for their is definitely a chemistry between them. Can`t wait to see what else is in store for these three.


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