Hitched Volume 1 by Kendall Ryan

Hitched Volume 1 by Kendall Ryan
256 pages
4 moons

Everybody see`s me as a manwhore. I am always with a different woman whether it is someone in my company or a client I am wooing. Yet no matter how many women I have been with they are not Olivia Cane. For years she has been the one woman to star in all my dreams and fantasies but hard to actually have until now. I am not sure how this happened but in order to save our companies I have to marry. Never did I think this would happen but I am determined to finally get everything I have dreamed and fantasized for real. One thing for sure I know Olivia is not going to make this easy. Can I the man known to bed any woman get his happily ever after?

I never imagined that the time I get to marry will involve my company. Sure it is my dad’s but for years since I was little all I wanted was to be president of the company. Problem is I never imagined I had to make a bargain with the devil. Everybody says I could have it worse but come on Noah Tate is worse. Dreams of havng a lovng husband to love me and protect me are all gong out of the window. I know there are thousands of people relying on my answer to this arrangement but can I just set aside all my dreams of a perfect wedding consdering my life wll forever be changed.

Get ready for the devil to meet the one woman who wll make him crazy beyond everything. I love that for years Noah has been playing a part that even to him seems foreign. Everybody see`s him as a womanizer never settling down and yet the thought of finally get Olivia in his life is exciting him in more ways than one. Hitched Volume 1 by Kendall Ryan is the start of a series that will make you want more of Noah and Olivia. Cannot wait for Volume 2 for there is more to these two that nobody see`s a deeper connection that will wow you.


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