Offbeat by Nikki Lynn Barrett

Offbeat by Nikki Lynn Barrett
348 pages
4 1/2 moons

Life can definitely make you realize so many things like regrets, mistakes yet make you stronger than ever. It has been years since I played drums but it is also the only time where I felt alive. Ever since the accident there are so many things that have changed like me walking. I never imagined my life to be confined in a wheelchair but Kyra and Chris are making me see my life did not end in that accident. I always blamed Kyra but knowing the heartache and pain she went through as well makes me see things differently. Being around music again is making me see that I can dream again and being with a man like Chris is well making life a little bit sweeter right now. Playing drums is something that comes naturally but learning to live again and possibly love is something that scares the bee jesus out of me. I know Chris is hot, sexy and can do so much better than me but the girl in me still hopes these feelings he has for me is real.

Playing drums for his sister`s band is not something he seems himself doing forever but she needs him. For years their relationship has been estranged ever since their mother left them. Now Chris is determined to be a better person and a brother even if it means revealing all his secrets and fears. Being with Taryn is like light entering his dark world just by seeing her smile and getting her to play the drums. She is his drummer girl and being with her learn to live again brings him joy. Taryn may be paralyzed but the woman in her is still there filled with love and passion. Seeing her play is exciting and thrilling but kissing her is in one word Awesome. Can he be there for Taryn when someone from his past tries to scare her away?

The next book in Nikki Lynn Barrett Music series just will make you want to root for Taryn in every way. I loved seeing Taryn learn to face the world again in a way that is still hard for her. Seeing her how to maneuver and cope with what has happened to her was tough at times. Nikki Lynn Barrett introduced us to a girl who in all purposes never gave up on her dreams but just got stalled in life. Once you see her with the drums it is like second nature for her like well riding a bike. Now Chris he was a little hard to figure at some times yet his love for Taryn was purely genuine. I loved that we never once saw pity in his eyes or in his love towards Taryn. Here are two people who in some ways are still haunted with the past yet learn to let go and be what they are meant to be. One thing I love the most is that we see how far the others in the band have come through from Avery, Lucas, Kyra, Matt it was a joy to see how everything has come along. Definitely applaud Nikki Lynn Barrett for keeping everything together and how far this series has come. Loved it.

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