Dirty Texas Book 1.5: Suddenly More by J.A. Low

Dirty Texas Book 1.5 Suddenly More by J.A Low

A year ago my life fell apart. Now a year later I am marrying and well about to have a Rockstar`s baby. I never thought a man like Evan Wyld will be excited to stay with one woman and be a father. Everything in me tells me he is the one but a part of me is scared that temptation will take him away from me. I am currently big with his baby and my hormones are out of whack yet he still wants me. Everybody in the band tells me I am just being a willy nilly with all these doubts and maybe they are right but can I be the woman he needs in his life.

I still cannot believe Sienna Hayes is going to be my wife. I know I have fucked up in the past but something about this woman just gets me. A year ago I was living the high life of a rockstar but as soon as I met Sienna all those rockstar groupies faded in the background. Even now knowing she is carrying my child just makes her well a MILF yeah definitely a mom I would fuck any day any minute. Sienna completes me in every way and knows the real me. As our wedding comes closer I know she is feeling self conscious and scared yet I am determined to prove to her I am all the way in with her.

I am so excited that there is more to this series and seeing Evan and Sienna get together was beautiful. J.A. Low didn`t pull any stops at all with this couple even showing us how attentive Evan really is with Sienna. These two were magical in the first part but knowing how far they have come along just wows me. I am hoping there is more of this band especially about Sienna`s best friend and the other bad boy in the band.


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