Forever and Ever Book 7: You Will Be Mine by E.L. Todd

Forever and Ever Book 7: You Will Be Mine by E.L. Todd
194 pages
Ebook and Print
4 moons

I hate seeing my best friends sad for each other and enough is enough. I knew I should never have helped Skye with her plan especially after the way she has been acting. Cayson is her everything just like Slade is my everything. I miss seeing the vibrant, beautiful and confident girl she used to be now she is just but a shell of the woman she used to be. To make it worse Slade hates me a little for being part of Skye`s plan. Cayson and Skye belong together but I have no idea how to get them together?

So I have always been Team Cayson and have to say I hate Skye right now. I mean I totally understand what she did but here is a guy who worshipped her and even though it was in good conscious it is not doing it for me. I feel for Trinity and though they are best friends it is starting to cause problems for her and Slade. Now I have to say these two still together is making me root for them as well for all the up and downs they have gone through. E.L. Todd just brings out so much heartache and pain in this book my heart was crying for Cayson. The more I read about this series the more I am seeing they are just regular people trying to make in a complicated world and still love each other. This is one reader anxious to see what else is in store for Cayson, Skye, Trinity and Slade.


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