Forever and Ever Book 8: Everything and More by E.L. Todd

Forever and Ever Book 8: Everything and More by E.L. Todd
177 pages
Ebook and Print
4 1/2 moons

I cannot stand her, others call her a bitch but I loathe her more. I still cannot believe what she did. I mean what right did she think she had to do this to our relationship after everything we have been through. All this time I thought I was the one for her but instead she has been playing me for a fool. How can I still love her after all this is still mind boggling but she is my soul mate no matter what she did. The thing is how do we get bak to what we used to have.

I am stupid for still wanting to be with Arsen but he is the only man who loves me for who I am. He says we don`t have a chance but I know in my heart we can overcome anything. Seeing him wth my family I know he just needs a little push towards this feeling he is afraid of having, love. Arsen says I am crazy for being with him but there is no other place I rather be than in his arms even if he pushes me away. Can I show him how right we belong together even when fate butts in pushing us backwards?

Theo calls me crazy for sticking with Beatrice after all this time. At this point I would have already bedded her and in between another girl`s legs but I cannot stay away from her. Something about Beatrice pulls at me making me want to be a better man. I have never felt like this before and even though were still learning about each other she enchants me. My family love her more than me which is crazy but I can totally understand. For the first time I am so into a girl other girls fade away when I am with her. Can I show her how much I have changed before my past ruins it all with her?

I still cannot believe I am into Alex. I always knew she was a pain in my ass but ever since the night I rescued her she has hooked me good. Something about her being tough all the time just pulls me and knowing she hasn`t had it easy just makes me want to go all up her life. I know she can take care of herself but I want to be the one who is there for her like well a fucking white knight. It is crazy all these feelings I have for her and wonder if it is all for real or not. I mean how can I go one minute to wanting to kill her and then addicted to her kisses.

Oh my E.L. Todd definitely knows how to keep a reader`s attention in the Forever and Ever series. I have to say through everything going on the one I am interested is Trinity and Arsen. I love that Arsen is like a modern day bad boy with a little bit of James Dean in him making me want to well just kiss and hug him. I feel for this guy for what he went through as a youngster and applaud Trinity for trying her hardest in showing him that everybody deserves love. Beatrice and Conrad I am still skeptical about these two for no matter how hard we try know her she pulls away. Makes me want to tear my hair out wanting to know more about her. I was laughing with Theo and Alex for one minute they hate each other the next they`re all over. It was hillarious to see them juggle their feelings like a seesaw between these two. E.L. Todd is not stopping at all with this series and interested to see more about Beatrice really curious about her story. Can`t wait for Book 9 in this series.

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