Forever and Ever Book 9: Against All Odds by E.L. Todd

Forever and Ever Book 9: Against all Odds by E.L Todd
186 pages
Ebook and Print
4 moons

I need to hate her but every time were in the same room I just want to be in her arms. Slade keeps telling me to forget Skye but she is my other half. I knew when I moved back to New York I would see her but didn`t think how it would affect our other friends. Everytime I try to be friends with her and maybe something more yet the pain and heartache all those months ago slices me to pieces. I never in my life thought Skye would be like that just throw away what we had. Living in the same city with her there is nowhere to hide and I am trying really hard to get over it but how can I forgive her when she ripped my soul apart.

I used to be a manwhore, not caring who I fucked never thinking about them a second time until Beatrice. She hates my guts and yet I still want her after everything that has happened. Beatrice is unlike any girl I have met and know this love I feel for her is real which still scares me. Yet going on without her in my life is torture. Everybody else is happy Theo and Alex constantly remind me of what I could have had with Beatrice. It used to be about sex but just being with Beatrice makes me feel happy. I dream about her every day and she is constantly on my mind I need to get my woman back.

I have never seen my cousin like this. Conrad used to be the party guy, the one who just looked at a girl and they hung on him. Ever since Beatrice left him he has well been acting like a mopey girl. Alex tells me I shouldn`t butt in but this happiness I feel for Alex is just making me want everybody to be happy. I never thought I would just settle for one girl but being Alex is proving to showing she is not my usual type of girl she is so much more.

I really wanted to be a good man to Silke. Yet no matter how happy I felt with her I knew this bubble of happiness I felt lately will burst. Being in jail and having her see me like this is not what I want her to live through. She deserves a better man, someone who will give her all she needs a man. I still don`t know what Ryan see`s me he should give up on me as well. All this love is not for a guy like me but I crave the visits just for a glimpse of my Silke to know she is okay. Can I ever be the man she needs in her life?

Fashion has always been my thing and am thank for my dad to get me this internship but it is not what I thought. I know I have to start somewhere but being in the thick of things is not what I expected. I have always dreamed of seeing my designs come to light and know this experience will help me. Just when I think this is wrong Slade is there reminding me I can do so much even when I don`t feel like that sometimes. I never imagined we will still be together always fearful that he will be tempted with another woman. I love how passionate and addictive he is to me but I bigger dreams and sometimes it scares me. Can I ever be the woman he needs and still gets all my dreams?

I have to say Cayson and Skye are making me pull my hair out with their feelings right now. E.L. Todd just shows so much heartache and pain between them its sad yet frustrating at times. After all the books I have read I am definitely still amazed with Slade. Gone is the partying guy and is even starting to sound mature with Trinity yet still bickering making their love so passionate. So much going on in this book makes me wonder what else can E.L. Todd do for each person in this book. Betrayal, love, passion, friendship this book in the series will make you be pulled everywhere. Loved it.


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