Nailed by Opal Carew

Nailed by Opal Carew
288 pages
Ebook and Print
August 28, 2016

Having her own business has always been my dream. I am tired of working for others and never in my wildest dreams thought someone will pay 5k to have dinner with me. When my friend told me about this idea I thought it was crazy but anything to get my dreams started is worth it. Yet after all this I didn`t expect the devil from past to be the one to make my dreams happen. Kane Winters is the one man I never dreamed of seeing again not after what he did to me. He was the one who got to my heart and the one who has made me see men differently. I used to believe in love but he changed it. After all these years I still love him which is hard to comprehend because that foolish girl has grown up at least I thought she did.

Of all the women I have had River is the one woman who really got to me. We were young in college but somehow I knew even back then River will be the one for me. When my friend came across her fundraiser I knew it was time to get her back in my life. The thing is that she doesn`t want anything to do with me which pains me. All these years she has been on my mind and I know even back then starting her own business has always been her biggest dream. As a rich bachelor I have had my share of women but none can compare to River. I know this is my chance to finally get her but can she learn to love me again once she finds out what really happened all those years ago.

Nail polish they are beautiful, sparkly, vibrant and also the key to bring a man to his knees. I loved that Opal Carew created this unique story line about a woman who was betrayed in the worse way and a man trying to be the man she deserves after all these years. The chemistry between them is unique and though Kane has a hidden agenda to make her dreams come true I thought it was exciting. The love they have for each other has never fizzled and boy when they get to it it is hotter than ever after all these years. Loved it and cannot wait to see what else is in store by Opal Carew.


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