Searching for Harmony by Kelly Elliott

Searching for Harmony by Kelly Elliott
July 12, 2016


Rescuing people is my job and I never take a day for granted. As the youngest at the firestation house I have seen a lot of accidents but none are pulling me like Harmony`s accident. I tried my hardest to help her but I failed. Everybody tells me I need to let it go and not get to into the victim but ever since I laid eyes on her she is all I think about now. Everybody tells me Harmony Banks had it all, laughter, family, a great husband and in the blink of an eye everything gone. I have seen my share of devastating accidents but something about Harmony just pulls at me. Everything about this woman makes me see that happiness can over come anything and with a little push will be a grand adventure again. I know I am sticking my nose where it doesn`t belong but my heart has found its match and it wants Harmony.

Can someone love again after having their life be ripped apart? This is something that I am trying to come terms with right now. I always thought the life I had will be with me forever but everything has changed. Gone is the loving I used to have and the laughter in my life is gone. Now all I have is my brother who in all counts has been like a savior for me helping me cope with what has happened. Yet through everything that has happened it brought me Preston. Knowing he tried his hardest to help me still boggles my mind that he wants to be with me. At first I thought it was just because he failed but the more he tries to get me to live again I am seeing his feelings for me are real. Everybody tells me that things happen for a reason that I was too young at the time and will learn to live again. Can I put my heart on the line again knowing the kind of job Preston has always in danger?

After reading Kelly Elliotts previous books I am always awed by how she continues to enchant her readers and Searching for Harmony just proves how talented this author is in every way. Right from the beginning she pulls you in with Harmony and this beautiful girl who is learning to live again. There were so many times I cried, applauded and yes laughed in this book I was pulled everywhere. I loved that Preston is there for her giving her the comfort she needs but also the love she has never really felt before in her life. Preston have to say is the kind of guy I would love to have for no matter how hard his heart wants Harmony he is patient with her and love this about him. Kelly Elliott have to say has another hit with this book for it shows that no matter how tough a situation is there is a silver lining among the darkness.


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