Winner Takes All by Erin Kern

Winner Takes All by Erin Kern
Ebook and Print
August 30, 2016
4 moons

Football is my life and for one moment in time I was playing in the pros. Everything though is not forever and I took this for granted. Now I am stuck in my hometown coaching my old high school team training them to be the next football pro. Problem is that I miss the big times, the glory, the women and the fame. Ever since my accident nobody wanted to hear my story and people are still talking about it right now. Being back is supposed to be showing them I have changed but nobody wants to rely on me to make a difference. Well one person though is seeing the up side to my fall from grace. Annabelle Turner the new school sports therapist is on my butt all the time. I know she means well but I am the coach not her and I know my players. At least I thought I did until she gets under my skin making me wonder if I will ever be good again.

As a physical therapist I take pride in my job but Coach Blake is sure making my job hard. I don`t have time right now for a fling but something about Blake is making me work with the players harder than ever. My attention should be in making them better players not lust over their football coach. I am not the only one though for ever since he came back people have been trying to get into his well pants except me. After one disastrous relationship all I need to concentrate is helping my mother get better and get the players to be their best on the field. The more I help the players the more I see that everybody doesn`t really know the real Blake like I am getting to see which is hard to understand for he is trying his best to be the man he used to be before the incident. Can I help Blake as well see that he can be better than ever if he lets go of the past?

Have to say the idea of a football professional coming back to teach high school players just to me seemed to cliche. I mean don`t get me wrong there were a lot of things that brought Blake to this point in his life but felt there could have been a lot. I loved seeing him clash with Annabelle and the chemistry between them was explosive. Annabelle though seemed like a feisty and sometimes overworked woman trying to categorize everything in her life. I mean she has her mother, sister coming back and now the chemistry between Blake she has no idea how to deal with everything was hillarious. All in all it was okay but I would have loved more from Erin Kern hoping her next one will be better.


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