1001 Dark Nights Book Bundle 5

1001 Dark Nights Bundle 5 by Julie Kenner, Lexi Blake, Larissa Ione, Elisabeth Naughton, and introducing Angel Payne and Michelle St. James.
622 pages
Ebook and Print

Six stories filled of love, passsion, forbidden fruit and through everything you have six bestselling authors that will bring you their men to life.

CARESS OF PLEASURE: A year with him was not enough for me. Dante might have been older but just being in his arms was the only time I felt safe and loved. Seeing him again I swore I will not succumb to his charms but I am and have always been into him. Determined to show him I don`t need him I will help him this one time and this time show him I can go on without him. I am no longer that weak girl he fell for even though my heart has always been with him.

ADORED: Two ex-wives have made me see I am not cut out for marriage or kids. That kind of life is not for me and the only one that is perfect for me is BDSM. The one place, Sanctum, is the only place where I can be me, Master Mitch. That was until Laurel Daley interfered my other life. Now all I want is her even though I know I am bad son of a bitch. One time with her and her fiery passion is all it takes to make me see I can never be the right man or Master for her. Can I give her what she wants when I am not set up for love in my body?

HADES: She is forbidden. She is my apple and I am the snake trying like hell to stay away from her but I can only go so far with temptation. Cataclysm is unlike any woman I have met and I have been around thousands of years. Something about her curiousity and charm gets to me. Beautiful inside and out a monster like me doesn`t deserve her. I am Hades and she is an Angel trying to get back to Heaven. Can I give her back to Heaven when she already has my heart?

RAVAGED: My job is to kill him. This the time for me to prove to Zeus I can be like his Sirens. It was supposed to be an easy job but nobody told me how hot the Argonaut Ari was at the point of this job. They tell me he is a monster with no remorse killing all the Sirens. Yet there is something about Ari that speaks to me in a way I have never felt before. People tell me I don`t know everything but as a Nymph my heart recognizes its soul mate and in my heart Ari is a good man. Can I turn my back on Zeus?

NAUGHTY LITTLE GIFT: I have never seen a man like him before. Cassian Court is passionate and powerful which should scare me. Instead I want him like no other. Everybody wants him for something but with him I see more than the powerful man he shows to everybody. To him I am just prize but I am determined to show him there is more to just contracts and fame.

THE SENTINEL: Friendship is all I can have even though my heart has always wanted him. For years Leo Gage was always there for me and now I need him desperately. He is the only one who can help me. A relationship beyond friends is not something they can or so she thinks. Leo has always loved her but knows nothing can come of it. Just when he is about to give up she goes to him. Determined to keep her forever he will do anything for her even run for safety.

Like I said 6 scintillating stories so many to choose just a favorite. The whole book was thrilling and exciting to read about including Hades himself. This is one Book Bundle you don`t want to miss for it has in every book the power of love that over come anything including Demons and a kick ass Gods thinking they can get away with anything. I loved all the books in this series and can`t wait for the next 1001 Dark Nights.


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