The Sapphire Affair by Lauren Blakely

The Sapphire Affair by Lauren Blakely
222 pages
4 moons

You need something rescued you contact Jake Harlowe. You need a job to be done without someone finding out you contact Jake. At least that is what has been happening but no job has confused the hell out of him like this new one. All he had to do was go to the Caymans find out where millions of dollars are and get out. That was until he met Steph Anderson aka his Ariel. Just like Ariel she loves finding treasures like him but somehow she is tempting him in a way nobody has done. Steph is beyond sexy, beautiful, smart and knows how to drive him mad something he didn`t expect in this job. Problem is that she is right in the middle of him completing this job. Can he continue on the finding the bad guy knowing it might make him the bad guy in her eyes?

Family has always been important to her and knowing that her stepfather is doing something bad in his own company is too much. The man she knew back then will buy her icecream and brought sunshine to her life making it hard to believe he will be stealing from his company. Eli has always been there for ger and she determined to find out what is going. Jake, however, is not something she expected in the Caymans but after getting a taste of him she wants more. Can she find out what is really going on or be betrayed again?

Get ready for a treasure hunt that will mak all hot and bothered and excited from Lauren Blakely. The start of a 2 part book is becoming hot right now. The first, Sapphire Affair, we see the makings of a couple who are seeing how much they like each other in a way they next expected. I loved that Jake is a man who has never thought of the what ifs just playing life by ear yet when it comes to Steph he is well bamboozled. Steph now in all counts at times seems innocent but she is far from it when it comes to Jake. This is the first part and cannot wait for the second part between these two and what happens with Eli.

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