Forever and Ever Book 10: My Heart Skips a Beat by E.L. Todd

Forever and Ever Book 10: My Heart Skips a Beat by E.L Todd
184 pages
Ebook and Print
4 1/2 moons

I always thought she would be alone like me. Stupid me thought she would wait for me but I see how she acts with Ward. She used to see me like that with happiness and love. Everybody tells me I should just take her back but the pain is still there. Everything in me tells me I should ask for her forgiveness and I want to but something pulls me back. I want to give her back all the happiness and love she deserves yet knowing this man is in her life and has gotten the acceptance from the gang just makes me mad. Skye is mine no matter what it takes she will be with me.

It has been a couple months since I saw Arsen in jail and I still love him. This love I have for him is unlike I have ever felt. I miss his kisses, his touches just well being with him. Nothing is right in my life but people are noticing. My own brother, Slade is even wanting to hang out with me which means I have hit rock bottom. Arsen is my everything and know somehow he will come back even if it means me finding happiness somewhere else. Work is the only thing getting me by and at night is when I crave Arsen. Can I go on with my life knowing my heart and soul is in jail?

Thomas, Theo`s brother doesn`t want anything to do with Theo yet he cannot turn back on family. Theo needs his help and though he hates him right now he cannot say no to his project. He has always been the responsible one, the workaholic, the one who got away from the family. Thomas knows that Theo will not give up on getting back to his good graces but the damage has been done. They used to be brothers but pain and heartache is all that is in his life. He doesn`t have time to deal with Theo and needs to focus on his work especially a beautiful woman like Rome, his new secretary. Everybody wants her and though he is a professional he cannot help but think about her.

He is with me all the time now that I have my own apartment. I always thought Cayson and Skye will outstand us but instead we are the ones still happily in love. I never imagined Slade to be like this so in tune with me. When were together it is just us and sometimes it scares me this love with Slade. He can be loving, passionate, possessive but this just makes me love him more. He is there to make me happy when my bitch of a boss gets to me, makes me laugh when I am sad about Cayson and Skye. Most of all he is there when I am sick watching over me keeping me loved and safed.

Conrad has always been my best friend. We used to do everything together and now it is Conrad and Theo. I am not sure how it happened but I lost my best friend. Conrad has always been there for me and now I feel sometimes like a third wheel. Heath tells me it is all in my head and I am acting like a child yet I feel more. I know I dropped out of college to chase my dreams but always thought Conrad would be my side. Can I get my best friend back or is there more to this?

Have you ever read a character that you just want to knock some sense into. Well E.L. Todd has created that character in Cayson. So many times I want to reach in and hit him. I mean come on it has been months and no matter how many times Skye has apologized he still acts like a jack ass. I mean I never thought Trinity and Slade would be the popular couple the ones who will last. Even now my mind is still boggled with this new change in this series. Now it is getting interesting for there is a new character, Thomas. He is Theo`s brother and have to say he is piquing my interest. Unlike Theo he is silent and professional never really partys which is so unlike any of these characters. Cannot wait to see what his story is in the next book.


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