Forever and Ever Book 11: Nothing is Left by E.L. Todd

Forever and Ever Book 11: Nothing is Left by E.L Todd
105 pages
Ebook and Print

He is cold then hot. I am tired of this and want what we used to have. Life has no meaning unless Cayson is with me. Ward, who in all counts is sexy, handsome and wants me cannot get me out of this funk. It has been months now since Cayson moved back to New York City and though he acts as a friend like we used to be he makes me frustrated. One minute he gives me these signals then the next he steps aside. Just when I think Cayson might give me a second chance I see a woman from his past that makes me rethink about Ward. It is over now and Ward is perfect for me even though my heart isn`t into it.

I want her there is no going back. Ward is going to have go. I never thought Skye will move on with this British bloke but I cannot go another day without her in my life. I never knew how much her father loved me until he gave me some good advice. Of all the thing he told me I never thought he would turn his back on me. I know I have made everybody pissed by my going back and forth of my feelings but knowing that Sean might not want me anymore is too much. His daughter is all I want and I will get her back forever this time.

There has only been one good friend in my life and that is Conrad. Somehow though Heath is becoming a best friend for me not only at work but also at home. He is there when I need a laugh or just to get by at work. Now with this new promotion as Editor we are closer until Skye tells me something about him. I never saw this coming but now that it has entered my mind I am seeing Heath in a new light. Not only he seems different but these feelings and thoughts about him are making me confuses. Women have always been my specialty and now all I thought of myself is freaking me out.

Okay I have to say this one was a little tough and all around happy in so many ways. First off there are some parts in the book I was so hoping would not happen but once again E.L. Todd is putting a twist to her series. One thing I did love was finally somebody kicked some sense into Cayson. I have to say I jumped up and down when he finally we grew some balls and finally went after Skye. I was starting to like Ward and really hope E.L. Todd has someone for him. Seems just when I think everything is coming full circle E.L. Todd throws this curveball and making me itchy to find out what will happen well with this character in the next book. Kind of figured but was anticipating something and interested how E.L. Todd will play this out in the next one. Curious mind definitely will want to know more about this series.

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